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Final Sheet Pile Install & Vibroflotation Underway

August 23, 2023

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Palm Beach Gardens’ construction teams continue to make steady progress with ongoing site work as we prepare for the commencement of vertical construction.

The installation of sheet piles, used to retain earth and elevations, is now over 90% complete. More than 170 pairs out of a total of 207 interlocking piles measuring 35 to 55 feet in height have been successfully driven into the ground.

Vibroflotation work, which is necessary for compacting and densifying the soil in preparation for foundation work, is scheduled to begin immediately after sheet pile installation is complete. This is the final step in site work preparations before we begin foundation work and commence vertical construction, scheduled for November 2023.

Tie-backs being drilled into sheet piles to hold earth in place

Current site conditions with marina and docks completed, final sheet piles being installed, and vibrofloation in progress